40 useful tips that will help you lose weight

tips how to lose weight

Restrictions in nutrition, sports, motivation... Basic ways to lose weight, are known to all, but here is a small but useful tricks to know a little.

Here is a list of 40 simple and sometimes very unexpected recommendations that will help you lose weight permanently and without undue tension.

  1. The approximate daily norm of calories, which you will not gain weight, it is possible to define such a formula Your weight in kilograms divided at 0.45 and multiply by 14.
    Weight in kg : 0,45 X 14
    If you want to, not just to stay fit and lose weight, perform the same calculation, only instead of the actual weight of the replacement is desirable. By adhering to this lower numbers, you will lose the extra kilos — even though slowly but surely.

  2. Sprinkle with cinnamon porridge, yogurt, coffee and other food, with which goes the spices. It has the ability to accelerate the metabolism, and a total of half a teaspoon a day will help you to lose about a kilogram per month.

  3. If you eat in the office, not dine behind a desk. Studies show that sitting in front of the monitor or television screen, people consume an average of 250 calories more.

  4. More often laugh. 10-15 minutes of laughter a day increases weekly consumption of calories 280 kcal.

  5. carrot juice
  6. Due to the fiber content and low calorie content of carrot juice helps in weight reduction of 1.8 kg in 1.5-2 months. The rate of consumption — 1 cup (200 ml) per day.

  7. Bert preformed calcium. This trace element promotes the breakdown of fat and makes this process is by 2.6% more effective.

  8. During fitness classes or even simple walks on foot listen to rhythmic music — it motivates them to physical activity and helps you exercise longer.

  9. Not to exclude products, lean red meat. Foods rich in protein help to build muscle, because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, and this even in a resting state.

  10. Drag a fitness club friends. According to statistics, people engaged in sport with a group of acquaintances, to lose weight about 30% stronger than the athletes-loners.

  11. Eat less salt and more bitter red pepper. Salt-free diet will help get rid of excess fluid, and pepper contains a substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism by 25%.

  12. According to the survey of british doctors, one of the main causes of spontaneous overeating — it's stress at work. If you are nervous, sit down and take a few deep breaths, you can try the technique diaphragmatic breathing (when to inhale at the expense of the abdominal muscles). You will gradually after the calm and the desire to jam their difficulties does not cause.

  13. Get involved in fitness is better in the morning, before your first meal. Firstly, it will speed up the metabolism for the day ahead, and secondly, so that the body will expend energy received not from food but from your own adipose tissue.

  14. Use soy sauce. According to recent research, soy protein in a special way the effect on our taste buds and causes a quick feeling of fullness.

  15. Before serving the lunch on the table all the large pieces of food it is better to cut it. It allows you to consume 20% less calories because the slices form the portions appear to a person more, than if served in one piece. And fall in love with your eyes, you can cheat at the same time even stomach.

  16. treadmill
  17. The most effective trainer (in terms of burning calories) — a running track. The most effective after running load — easy walking, to engage where you can, and outside the walls of the gym.

  18. The ideal breakfast English nutritionists have recognized the boiled egg with a piece of bread or fruit. Eggs are rich in protein, which the body can better spend the gained calories throughout the day, and the presence in this dish carbohydrates the fee you energy and allow you to quickly you get hungry.

  19. Red wine prevents the formation of fat in the abdominal area; this effect provides incoming in its composition a substance, again the grapes contained. Just do not overdo it: one glass a day will be enough.

  20. Turn on quiet classical music, when you sit down to eat. Under such escort people eat less on average by 15-20% because chew slower and eat better.

  21. Chew thoroughly. Try to chew each piece of food is no less than 25 times, than to send him to the stomach. Two positive related effect is not long to wait: first of all, such food is easier to digest; secondly, it occurs to massage the gums, which warns of periodontal disease.

  22. Chew sugar-free gum immediately after a meal and two hours later. It will help you cope with unmotivated hunger.

  23. Snacks pomegranate. The seeds of this fruit contain a substance preventing the formation of fatty deposits, and sweet taste to discourage the appetite.

  24. Meat prepare on a frying panand in the oven or on the grill (this feature is on most modern motherboards). This way the processing brings out of the meat of excess fat and hot, on the contrary, his adds.

  25. In green tea, caffeine, in combination with a special antioxidant, which accelerates the processing of fats for energy. So, regular consumption of this drink is able to overclock your metabolism by nearly 20%.

  26. Replace lettuce and other greens for fresh spinach. In the low-calorie in it the most fiber, which helps cleanse the digestive system and helps the body to break down fats more efficiently.

  27. goat cheese
  28. Try goat cheese instead of cow's: it's 40% less calories, but not worse than on the content of useful elements.

  29. Instead of pasta or buckwheat use as a garnish lentils or beans. Legumes contain a lot of fiber and a special amino acid, which help to actively get rid of fat. For 2,5 months to "bean diet" you can lose up to 7 units

  30. Completely exclude fats from your menu can not be, if only because they are necessary for the absorption of many vitamins and minerals. Better to replace them with "healthy", i.e. instead of fatty dairy and meat products is meat turkey, fish, flaxseed and olive oil, eggs, nuts. Studies show that this exchange is not just contributes weight, but also very useful for the heart.

  31. Do not skip breakfast. Give up the morning meal increases the total daily intake of calories by about 100.

  32. Although apples stimulate the production of gastric juice and provoke an appetite, consumption of one apple 15 minutes before lunch or dinner, decreases the overall caloric value of your food for 150-200 per day. Scientists explain this effect of apples with a high content of fiber.

  33. The salad, filled with olive oil, more diet than dried vegetables. When we consume olive oil, the body produces a special protein, and it "messages" to our brain that hunger appeased. This way, you can write down the residual appetite and avoid overeating.

  34. Tomatoes contain a rare component of the hormone in the body production of the hormone of hunger. If you want to experience its effect, just add a couple of slices to your own dinner, put on a sandwich or morning scrambled eggs.

  35. A perfect break between meals — 3 hours. If you wait until the next snack or dinner for longer, the level of sugar in the blood begins to "cavorting", metabolism goes astray, and you run the risk of shed to food and overeating.

  36. Add to meat and vegetable dishes paprika. Calories in her almost not there, but there are very many vitamin C, required for processing fat into energy.

  37. Together with olive oil, salads can be re-filled with ordinary vinegar or sauces based on it. Contains folic acid, which accelerates the process of decomposition of fats and helps to lose weight.

  38. food on the go
  39. Do not eat on the go. Sitting behind a desk, a person eats about 30% less.

  40. Eat with those who eat little. As psychologists say, people subconsciously compare the size of their servings with lunch neighbor and adapt them. So women, dinner with the men, usually eat to 20-35% more than usual. And here is the food for a couple with a girlfriend has the opposite effect.

  41. Don't waste your courage on a chair right after the hotel or other intense burden, as if not tired. A pleasant walk for 15-20 minutes will extend the process of decomposition of fat, and a sudden stop, on the contrary, to manage the impact of their efforts to a minimum.

  42. Energy drinks in a 4-8 times high-calorie coffee and contribute to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. So if coffee and instant, a little will speed up your metabolism and help you in the fight with unnecessary pounds, cupping energy, on the contrary, they can become a cause of overweight.

  43. Do not drink bottled fruit juice: it is in them too much sugar and quite a lot of calories (40-60 per 100 ml). Caloric fresh approximately the same, but contain digestible sugars and much more fiber.

  44. In skimmed milk is almost 2 times lower content of caloriesthan normal, but the same amount of calcium and phosphorus, which increase the process of refining the fat in the cells. In addition, that milk fat is harmful for both the heart and blood vessels and leads to increased levels of cholesterol.

  45. Even when you are very tired, never do not neglect his intimate life. Lesson of sex burns 150 calories in 20 minutes and contributes to the formulation of a special hormone that speeds up metabolism.

  46. Cut the bread, salami and cheese thin, transparent slices. Try to visually deceive your stomach.

  47. Go once a week fish day. The requirements of the organism in vitamin D will apply for the whole week. Fish, with the exception of some species, contains little fat and is a good saturated fatty acids. Marine fish in addition reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

  48. Dried fruit should always be in your house, for example, dried prunes, dried apples. Between meals, if you feel a strong sense of hunger, you can eat 3-4 prunes or even slices of apples.

  49. Rice contains very little sodium (the coupling fluid in the body), but a lot of potassium (recognising her). If there is at least once a week to arrange your rice day (you can only add mineral neutral or alkaline water, but not oil!), then lose up to 1 kg of body weight of fluid and the end products of metabolism.

Want to get rid of excess weight, all the women who are looking for a quick way to for weight loss. But you need to realize that weight loss – it's tough work, and if it's about physical and moral. To facilitate this difficult process, get tips, after which it is possible to obtain an effective result.