Exercises for weight loss abdomen and hips

The girl performs the exercise for weight loss abdomen and hips

How to properly do an effective exercise for weight loss stomach and hips? Beginner mistakes. A complex exercise is a burden detail.

Ask any coach about the file exercises for slimming the abdomen and hips and get so completely not the answer you wanted. Mentally we are all focused on one thing — "swing" what is the problematic part, and to believe that if the muscles in there "burning", it means that the training works. The physiology of people is somewhat different. And you never get rid of the fat in the middle part of the body, when you have a lower percentage in general. In general, the insulating movements of the case does not help. You need a balanced diet and properly build a training plan exercises for weight loss abdomen and hips. Man, by the way, requires the same special access as women.

Why is exercise often "doesn't work"?

You clearly saw in social networks article with 10-12 allegedly home exercises for weight loss belly and sides, half of which — the variation of the direct twist, and the rest — hybrids moldings and the spirits of the knees into various parts of the body. And even tried to engage, but as something that is not very helpful. What is the reason? Everything is once again hiding the "secret element" in the form of a torch of fat or something like that? No, the reason is different:

  • "regional" complexes, which are not used legs, have little chance to really change the metabolism and increase calorie consumption. The same rectus abdominis — it's not that big and strong, Comprehensive exercises for the abdomen and hips for womenwhile its reduction is not so consumed energy, e.g. during squats and deadlift;
  • if the pump only press and boca can be fast enough to earn a violation of posture. The relatively weak back muscles just can't keep it, and you wake up at one in the morning away with a thin waist and a press and with a twisted front shoulders, lumbar lordosis and clear the "hump". In addition, twisting just dangerous for the faint of the longest muscle of the back, which can lead to the displacement of the vertebrae, in particular when to be zealous and "clamping" muscles, how often advises;
  • and the feeling that "I finished training, now you can eat" after half an hour of movement on the mat exactly the same as for normal strength training. Therefore, those who often shakes lis, eat for strength, and not lose weight.

In general, you will need complexes, which are not only worked the press and oblique, but even loaded at the same time the legs, back, arms, breasts. An example of such a complex.

Set of exercises for weight loss belly and sides with loose loads

Warm up: 10 minute walk on the elliptical simulator, or walking with a high lift of the knee, and brings the elbow to the opposite knee. During the warm-up to involve the abdomen, feel the muscles.

The main part of the


For a start it is necessary to statically stabilize the press. This will help you avoid problems with the spine. Start with a simple levels. Stand for push-up in the emphasis on the floor, palms are screened on the heads of the shoulders, arms straight, but no aggressive expansion elbows to the click. Pull up the belly and put "house" from the buttocks, let the spin will be a maximum flat. Breathe freely, stay in the pose for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform 3-4 approach. When it happens easily, descend on the forearm. When and strap on the forearm seem simple — lift one leg so that the hips remain in the projection of gender, not to spin the pan in different directions.

Exercise strap on one hand

Attach the rubber expander to the door, from the top, or stand at the exercises "crossover". Grab the handle with both hands, while the remaining left sideways to the projectile. Perform at the same time reduces the print and the slope to the right, bringing your hands to the right hip. The movement is reminiscent of "the wheelhouse" with an axe. Do slowly, do no more than 15 repetitions. If you can do 20 or more, enhance your resistance. 3-4 sets on each side will be enough.

Next, set a timer so that the signal is sounded every minute, and follow consistently on 2 wheels every giant seth. Go to more detailed effective exercise for weight loss abdomen and hips.

Set 1

Squat with the royal overhead

Take a sup or points of the bar, grip wider than shoulder-width apart, and display it above your head and slightly back. Do the classic squat, let the buttocks drop to just below parallel to the floor line of the hips. Engage the abdomen so that the body is swayed from side to side.

Lifting legs with storage

Lie on the floor and grab his hands support for the head. Slowly for the account of the press raise your feet perpendicular to the floor, press your lower back on the fulcrum. Athletic slender female stomachThen force the reduction of the direct abdominal muscles derive your feet slightly higher, as if you wanted to do. Linger for 3 seconds, repeat.

Jumping in the increased orientation of the supine

Take the emphasis for both push-ups and gently move your legs apart-legs to each other. If you can't jump, just step. Be careful — the center of the body, engage the belly, don't let buttocks "climb" up.

Set 2

Push the fretboard up

Stand up straight, the fretboard or the bar in direct to omit the hands. Follow the squat and the parallel rise of the projectile on the breasts, unlocking your elbows down. Standing up, the strength of the muscles of the thighs and the press push the vulture up. Hands only "complement" it, the break in the elbows. Stand smoothly lower the weight to the chest and in the original position. Your goal — to learn, to push exactly the feet, and not to increase the weight of your hands and stick it straight back and flipped belly.

Push-up with traction

Stand on the emphasis of pushups, the palms on the dumbbells (if there are no forces or capabilities, you can only lead hands on his belt, with the power to reduce extensions). Push off the floor, and then standing up, loosen the right hand. Bring the dumbbells to the belt force of the widest back muscles. Lower, push, repeat.

"From the dog muzzle down in a cobra"

Stand in the L-posture, or the dog muzzle down. Strongly pull the buttocks up, stretching his back. On the exhale it is necessary to perform a reverse movement and bend over backwards as possible, stay in an elevated orientation on the palms and socks. Perform slowly and not relax the abdomen in the extreme points of the exercise.

By all the circles, pull the main muscles of the body, and you can 20 minutes on any cardio equipment, if there are forces, or just go into the shower. Cardio to this complex it is possible to add according to the wishes and health, he itself is excellent trains the heart and burns calories. Change exercise for weight loss belly and sides every 4-5 weeks, watch your diet and try to increase the weights the weights on each workout. So, you will lose weight faster than with a hoop, tilt and other popular weapons.